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Production S R PRabhu
Music Director

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Nothing short of a masterpiece, Aruvi is a cinematic journey that every type of audience can relate to, connect to, empathize with and adore.

Aditi could not have asked for a better debut, and we might not have such a hard-hitting performance from a debutant in a long time. The direction, dialogues, and script are her biggest allies in this feat.

by - Behindwoods.com

Rating (3.5/5)

This Aditi Balan film is a must watch

It would be blasphemous to not mention the performances in Aruvi. Arun�s move to cast newcomers is smart. Without the baggage of previous appearances, every performance is fresh and adds more authenticity and flavour to the narrative. And boy what a find Aditi Balan is. She has probably got one of t...

by - Indian Express

Rating (4/5)

Aruvi is a superbly written drama centred around a unique character that unfolds as a thriller, a black comedy, an awareness movie, and a tragedy.

The director lets the siege play out almost in real time, even making us feel that this portion is being overstretched. But this compressing and expanding of time-frames actually helps keep the audience disconcerted and doesn't let us anticipate what might happen next.

by - Times Of India

Rating (4/5)

Will haunt you long after she fades out

Apart from the exemplary acting, the screenplay of �Aruvi� packs all the ingredients right from suspense, humor, thrill and tragedy to a very relevant core subject that has been most sensitively handled. The backstage truth about reality shows like �Solvathellam Sathyam� has been deconstructed to s...

by - IndiaGlitz.com

Rating (3.5/5)


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    Vineeth Komalath

    Aruvi made me cry after a long time...
    Aditi Balan performed so easily even though a debutant  



    What a film,after a long time both tears and laughter comes in seeing the film. Dont miss the film because its a masterpiece.please do support