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Director  Atlee
Production N. Ramasamy Hema Rukmani
Music Director A.R. Rahman
Writer Atlee
Dialogue S. Ramana Girivasan
Cinematographer G. K. Vishnu
Editor Ruben
Stunt Director ANL Arasu
Art Director T Muthuraj

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Triple Vijay - Triple impact

Though just two films old, Atlee has created an impression that he is a master when it comes to emotions. So an emotionally overwhelming person decides to make an out and out mass film. Theri was a mix of emotion, drama and action but this time, he goes more full-fledged towards action.

by - Behindwoods.com

Rating (2.5/5)

This year's most engaging mass masala movie

The fingerprints of the Baahubali writer can be found in many scenes - like in the scene in the flashback portion, where Thalapathy (Vijay), the father of Vetri and Maaran, has to save people trapped in a fire. Thalapathy brings down a giant wheel singlehandedly, and it feels like a nod to Baahubali...

by - Times Of India

Rating (3.5/5)

A crowd-pleaser that knows exactly who its audience is!

Mersal belongs to Vijay and he totally steals the show with his comic timing, mass dialogue delivery, powerful screen presence and racy moves. The magician will be loved by kids while the rebel dad will be embraced by the ardent fans of the actor.

by - Sify.com

Rating (3/5)


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    wonderful movie must watch mersal magic happen confirms to touch 250 crore one of the best film in vijay's carrer 


    Arun Maya

    thank Devil, I am not part of that audience, MC. movie is not about masochism, hitting 1000s meaty human beings, delivering punch dialogues for his own fanatics. 
    movie is like literary work - 1000years later, we are talking about kamaba ramayanam and tirukkural. similarly, 1000 years from now, the people then should be able to talk about a movie...stop your biased comments - stop calling yourself a neutral online portal 


    Lakshmi Ragavan

    Mersal acting by most respected Vijay. Gud movie
    Must watch......  


    Karthic Sivaswamy

    Mersal - Once again Vijay is back with Atlee after their blockbuster Theri. And, once again I've no idea why this movie is titled 'Mersal' just like 'Theri'. First thing first, after the atrocious look in Bairavaa, Vijay looks terrific in this movie. He seems to be getting younger, ya I know this sounds cliched. But, after Theri once again he's making me to look myself and feel bad about my fitness.
    For the third time Atlee has remade a classic. After Mouna Ragam, Satriyan this time he decides to go with Apoorva Sagotharargal (but it reminds many other movies as well). And, he has done his work very well to fit an ordinary revenge drama with some social message and it worked really well.
    The main positive factor is Vijay, no atrocious hairdo, no irritating voice modulation. And, ya he speaks too many punch dialogues directed at the audience, which works well in this setup rather than Puli kind of film. His dance movements were terrific after some time. And, he smokes on screen after quite some time I guess. If you are wondering why this is to differentiate between the two look alike Vijay. One who smokes is Vetri, the magician and who doesn't is Maran, the doctor.
    Other than Vijay only Nitya Menon gets some role and shares a good chemistry with Vijay in the 80s flashback portion. Next comes S J Surya, the villain, who was good in few scenes. The other two heroines character comes for maximum 10 mins with a song each. And, Satyaraj to listen to the flashbacks. Vadivelu is back, again still expecting a proper comeback for him, this movie doesn't have enough screen time for him.
    Atlee always does well in presentation. Each and every frame was glossy and the cameraman Vishnu has hit a century on debut. Also, the screenplay was engaging enough which made me sit through almost 3 hours without any complaint. Vijayendra Prasad's touch was visible especially in the flashback portion.
    And, ya this movie did remind me of many of many other hit Tamil movies. Sivaji, Ramana, Kaththi, etc., to name a few. Also, a lot of questions comes to mind. How Kovai Sarala met Maran? Vadivel met Maran? Why Vetri didn't meet his brother all these years? Why Dr Arjun didn't recognize Maran? Why wait so long for taking revenge? Has Vetri killed any other doctors before? And, that mandatory "aal-marattam" scene in the second half with the look alikes. Maran isn't a Jeevanantham, who can't fight, so that was not needed I guess.
    But, the thing is none of this came to mind while watching. And, that's the success of a mass movie. Overall Mersal was a satisfying festival movie for me. It would be great if Ajith and Vijay does movies like Managaram, Vikram Vedha, but still Vijay's next step is clear (political) we can only get these and as far as Ajith's concern looks like his next is also going to be with Siva, so we better don't discuss it. 


    Arun Sundar

    First half really good and engaging.. Kajal Ajarwal and Nithya Menon good acting...director Atlee did well to maintain suspense regarding Vijay and Sj Suryah characters. .second half touches of Murugadoss but screenplay was a drag. Overall the film  is a good watch for Diwali weekend but film solely rests on Vijay shoulders throughout. SATHYARAJ relegated to background as the film moved on. Slightly disappointed as not matchinG high expectations. BGM pakka songs somewhat ok level only.