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Production Anand Kumar Vinod Shornur
Music Director
Editor Athul Vijay
Writer Rakshit Shetty
Writer Gautham Ramachandran
Cinematographer Pandi Kumar

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Richie scores is in the new-age-y treatment of its premise.

Gautham Ramachandran breaks up the film into various chapters through which we learn both about Richie and the events of the past. And in all these chapters, we get a sub-plot involving the treasure, which is a metaphor for the happiness that lies within each of these character's grasp only to elude them in the end.

by - Times Of India

Rating (3/5)

Nivin Pauly is impressive in this sometimes dark, dreary film

Nivin Pauly makes a decent Kollywood debut with his swagger and screen presence, though his Tamil dialogue delivery needs to improve. The director narrates the film as different chapters, like in a Tarantino film. One of the plus points is the music of Ajaneesh Loknath, retained from the original Ka...

by - Firstpost.com

Rating (3/5)

This Nivin Pauly and Prakash Raj starrer works in parts

The staging and lighting in Richie, however, is remarkable. The film's dominant red shades in its lighting; hues and colours that aren't natural but gel well into the frame. The shades make Richie look slightly exotic, giving a comic book feel to the movie.

by - Indian Express

Rating (2.5/5)

A gangster tale

Director Gautham has taken pains in the characterisation � it is heartening to see all three main actors being given due screen time � but misses a trick in the setting of the stories

by - The Hindu

Rating (2.5/5)


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    Thaneesh Kumar Pc

    Megha, a journalist, sets out to work on a story about the death of Richie. While doing so, she ends up meeting different people connected to him.