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Production Kalaipuli S Danu
Music Director
Cinematographer Rasamathi
Editor V.T.Vijayan
Editor S.R. Ganesh babu
Writer Kalaprabhu

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This Gautham Karthik film doesn't even try to keep the viewer engaged

Indrajith is an example of a lazily produced movie that doesn't even try to keep the viewer engaged. And also, when a badly re-created VFX dog (for the most part) gets more screen space than the heroines together, you can imagine. The most crucial part is that it is not even integral to the story.

by - Indian Express

Rating (1.5/5)

A pleasure-less treasure hunt

What worked so effectively in the Indiana Jones series was how wonderfully a tense chase would be followed up with the funniest of scenes seemingly effortlessly. Indrajith too attempts this by resting much of the comedy on Karthik�s slender shoulders, but that is just the director being more adventurous than the film�s script.

by - The Hindu

Rating (2/5)

A decent action adventure

The locations are breathtaking, the visuals are endearing and the film's hero Gautham Karthik is hyper energetic but the screenplay fails along with amateurish making. There film lacks continuity in a lot of scenes and the hero achieves everything without really facing any hurdle.

by - Sify.com

Rating (2.5/5)

This mindless action fantasy adventure is meant solely to boost Gautham Karthik's career

The film has an interesting plot, but the writing is weak and there are far too many logical loopholes in the narrative. The film has been made to give Gautham Karthik an action hero image, which is essential for an actor looking for stardom in Tamil cinema.

by - Firstpost.com

Rating (2.5/5)


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