Indrajith Review - A flimsy film!


Indrajith Review - A flimsy film!

Indrajith – A flimsy film!

Bharath Vijayakumar

Picture this in case you are a cricket fan who has ever played gully cricket. You might have definitely imagined yourself as your favorite player and the game itself as an International match. The makers of Indrajith seem to be on the same page. They seem to firmly believe that they are creating an adventure on screen on the likes of Indiana Jones. It is definitely good to be aspirational. Going back to gully cricket, you would have come across scenarios where bypassers would have stopped and had a look at the game. They are not going to complain if the standard of play isn't exactly top notch. But what if you asked them to buy a ticket and watch the game just because you have put yourself amidst an International match that is only playing in your mind? Indrajith sort of does the same. It aspires or imagines itself to be something on a large scale which it simply is not.


Scale and budget are obvious problems in Indrajith but the disappointing aspect is that these are not the primary issues with the film. For a film that is an adventure, there is not much excitement to write home about. This is despite the fact that the basic premise sounds interesting. Not a fair comparison in anyway but last week we had Dheeran where we could feel the fatigue of the hero as he travels the length and breadth of the country. But here the hero and his gang actually do much more. They travel deep inside forests, jump across cliffs, get bitten by venomous snakes and even jump off from a plane caught on fire. But not for a nanosecond we feel the enormity of the situation. How can we feel it when the actors themselves show lesser reaction than someone who might be sampling adventure games at a theme park.

The film is about how the hero needs to find something important with the aid of a map that is structured as a puzzle. Firstly the map itself has been hidden somewhere more than a century back. But you know how easily everything plays out? It is as though someone got down at the Koyambedu bus stop and asked around on how to reach his destination with the minimum of fuss. But our hero here does not even have to ask around. He seems to have purchased Raghavan's instinct from a wholesale market.



The best thing about Indrajith is that it runs real quick and is crisp. But if you are looking for an exciting adventure ride then the only adventure you might have is the search for some excitement.


Rating :1.5/5

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