Hara Hara Mahadevaki Review - Tickles you but not as often as you would have liked


Hara Hara Mahadevaki Review -  Tickles you but not as often as you would have liked

Hara Hara Mahadevaki Review -  Tickles you but not as often as you would have liked

Bharath Vijayakumar

Marketed as an adult comedy, what actually hurts Hara Hara Mahadevaki is that most of the double entendres are there for you in the trailer. So some of these jokes that might have resulted in laughter translates merely to a nod when we see them on screen as we are already aware of them. The film makes use of all the must haves of this genre when it comes to playing with words. Snakes, their lengths, holes, their depths and what not. The film uses every available amunition in this regard but these are almost always standalone jokes and have not been creatively utilised as a part of the narration. There is this scene towards the end of the film involving a snake that gets under Ravi Maria's bedsheet and gets misunderstood for you know what. There is another scene that has 4 people kissing each other in what plays out like a relay. This much of creativity is all that we are looking for in a film like this. But all these scenes come towards the climax when the film finds some footing. For a major part till then the makers seem to think that a mere mention of a double entendre is all that is needed need to make us laugh.


The film does have a real plot apart from the sex jokes. The love track itself has been innovatively thought of and is narrated periodically as a flashback of episodes. The main plot has several tracks that come together in the climax. Each of these tracks too are actually interesting on paper – an abducted child, Bala Saravanan as someone involved with fake note transactions and Ravi Maria as the ignorant politician trying to scheme a bomb blast with the help of Karunakaran and Mottai Rajendran. When these merge in the climax, there is a mini riot with all the misunderstanding. But before that, each of these tracks plays out rather insipidly. Most of the comic actors employed are rather competent but somehow most of the jokes do not work. Again it is not the lack of ideas. Be it Rajendran's ignorance about how many seconds constitute a minute, his ignorance about what is green and red or the scene where Gautham Karthik tries to impress the heroine with a flashmob sequence. There is no dearth of imagination but sadly the execution falls short. 


R.K. Suresh plays an interesting character. He is a policeman who acts tough but is actually silly. He keeps a serious face. Towards the end there is a scene where Sathish tells him to refrain from doing so as he is unable to control his laughter. Only now we understand that this was his character and the actor was not providing unintended laughter all this while. This is how most of the film plays out with a whole lot being lost on translation to the screen. 



Being an adult comedy, this is what could actually sum up the film. It has a lot of imagination but when it comes to the actual performance it mostly fizzles out. Too many strokes but only a few hit the right areas. Thankfully, the climax sort of makes it up.


Rating: 2.5/5

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